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How community management and policing internet trolls became women's work

31 May 2018 |

The Australian Community Managers (ACM) career survey found 68 per cent of its 215 respondents were women, suggesting it is one of the few technology jobs men do not dominate.


Social discord: online communities are supposed to bring people together, so why do they often tear us apart?

8 May, 2020 |

Online groups are places for communities to share information, support each other, do good deeds. But as their harangued moderators can attest, they often devolve into something more Lord of the Flies than Pollyanna.

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Revenge of the moderators: Facebook’s online workers are sick of being treated like bots

16 October, 2019 |

Reports of Facebook moderators’ appalling working conditions have been making headlines worldwide.


Moderators battle depression, addiction, and even post-traumatic stress disorder from the endless parade of horrors they consume.


Facebook’s moderation mess – is marketing complicit?

25 October, 2019 |

Following CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in front of US Congress, Venessa explains the ethical conundrums associated with Facebook’s moderation procedures. And discusses whether marketers are complicit.

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Australian Community Managers forges partnership with MEAA

1 September, 2018 | Mumbrella

Australian Community Managers (ACM) has announced its partnership with the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) to create a membership offering for community managers for $5 a week.


The Voller case emphasises the power imbalance between publishers and platforms.

4 June, 2020 |

This Court of Appeal upheld a Supreme Court decision that media outlets are liable for comments left on their Facebook posts. Brands need to be better at moderating the engagement they fight so hard to buy.

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It’s time to stop undervaluing social media managers

10 July, 2019 |

Some companies think they can hire a social media manager who doubles as a writer, designer, strategist, SEO expert and data analyst. But they shouldn't have too much experience, so they can be paid at a grad level. Quiip's Amber Robinson explains why we have to start taking social media managers seriously, and pay them what they're worth.


Need some online support during the coronavirus? Read this before you start or join a group

17 March 2020 |

Online groups can also breed misinformation and discord if not carefully managed. When setting up an online group, it's important to be clear about its purpose.

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After defamation ruling, it’s time Facebook provided better moderation tools

1 July, 2019 |

The NSW Supreme court ruled this week that Australian publishers are liable for defamatory comments.  Now page and group owners need to get serious about social media management.


Don't Feed the Trolls: Capitalising on breaking news without worsening comment culture

26 July, 2019 |

It’s an eternal dilemma for online publishers. Journalists cover controversial stories because of public interest. These stories get posted to social media to attract comments, which leads to higher ranking in the algorithm, which leads to more comments.... and trolls.