Guides, templates, research and more to help you navigate the world of online community management. 

ACM Research

The annual ACM Career Survey is the only research dedicated to Australian community management and its working professional network. It offers comprehensive insights into strategic function, skill sets, salaries, technologies, issues and trends.


Templates & Guides

Online Community Manager Position Description Template

Use this template to build an Online Community Manager Position Description that suits your organisation's needs.

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Hiring Third-Party Moderation

Services Guide

If you’re engaging third-party providers to assist you with online moderation, due diligence is a must. Use this guide to help you select the right provider for your needs.

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Online Community Manager Interview Questions

These questions help assess the knowledge, skills and qualities when interviewing candidates for an online community manager role.

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Online Moderation Guide

A general explainer guide to aid understanding of online moderation in Australian digital settings such as social media or online communities.

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