The professional network for
online community practitioners.

Who is ACM?

Australian Community Managers is the centre of excellence for online community training, resources and career development.

Launched in 2009 as the Australian Community Manager Roundtables, ACM was formed by community managers for community managers.

Our members plan, build and manage online communities across industries and contexts. 


Our mission is to grow and enhance community management practice through training,  resources, mentoring and meaning-rich connection.


We believe thriving intentional communities are the future and that community designers and custodians are essential to their growth and sustainability.


What do we do?

We are the peak membership body for people working in online communities in Australia
(though we welcome members from anywhere who can benefit from our services and experiences). 

We support our members with:

  • Foundational training in online community management practices

  • Timely training on new tools, techniques or issues impacting their work

  • Resources and templates

  • Exclusive events with peers and industry leaders

  • Mentoring and career coaching

  • Industry and career research 

  • Discounts to high-value events, products, and services that empower their work

  • An online community for peer support and working-out-loud together


As the leading representative of the online community management industry in our region, ACM also consults with government, researchers and other peak bodies around online community management (including moderation and governance, digital engagement and social media platforms).

We also offer select training and resources for non-members.


Exclusive insights and trends to illuminate online community management.

Code of Ethics

Your guide to practicing online community management responsibly.


Connecting online community professionals with development opportunities & key issues,.


A thriving online community of peers to have your back.



Venessa Paech


Venessa is a global authority on communities and community management. She has led Community for realestate.com.au, Lonely Planet, Envato and Australia Post among others.


She founded the Australian Community Manager Roundtables (ACM) in 2009, and created Swarm in 2011 with Alison Michalk.


She runs the annual Australian Community Manager Career Survey and with ACM, authored the first code of ethics for the region. Venessa is a prolific writer, speaker and academic.


Alison Michalk


Alison is CEO of Australia’s leading specialist community management company Quiip, with a global team of Community Managers and Strategists.

She founded the Australian Community Managers Facebook group in 2009 and launched Quiip in 2010, and Swarm Conference in 2011.

In 2015 Quiip co-sponsored the inaugural Australian Community Manager career survey, and in 2016 launched the first code of ethics for Australian Community Managers with Venessa.



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