Recommended online community management education & training

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6 week duration

Online Community Management: Intensive

MECM90037: Post-graduate Intensive at the University of Melbourne.

Suitable: Professionals (early or mid-career)

Created by former community manager Jennifer Beckett, this Unit was the first of its kind in Australia. It offers students high-quality, rigorous training to become effective online community managers, spanning theories, practices, responsibilities, and ethical considerations of managing online communities in participatory spaces, whether for brands or media organisations. 


Dr Jennifer Beckett

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Coming Soon

CMJ: Community Training

Suitable: Community builders and managers (any stage career)

Carrie Melissa Jones has been leading online communities since the early 2000s and has created communities for presidential campaigns, non-profits, small businesses, and the Fortune Global 50. She offers intimate training courses and programs on core topics in community management, including strategy, engagement and content development.

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Carrie Melissa Jones

6 week duration

Managing Social Media Communities: Intensive

MECO6942: Post-graduate Intensive at the University of Sydney.

Suitable: Professionals (early or mid-career)

Created by ACM founder and community manager Venessa Paech, this Unit offers high-quality training for students in how to identify the case for online community, then build and manage communities on social media technologies. Unit material covers community history and definition, strategy, design, content, measurement, governance, ethics and future trends (e.g. AI)


Venessa Paech (PhD. Cand)


On Demand

Defamation Training

Suitable: Professionals (any stage career)

More information coming in October 2020



Venessa Paech


On Demand

Feverbee: Community Management Academy

Suitable: Professionals (any stage career)

Join community managers from organisations such as Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, Facebook, and Greenpeace who have completed FeverBee's community certification programs. 

This UK based consultancy offers handy on-demand courses, webinars and more about most aspects of professional online community management.



Rich Millington

On Demand

Resilience Training

Suitable: Professionals (any stage career)

More information coming October 2020



Amber Robinson